Hack with Rackspace employees and get a sweet summer internship in San Francisco

Event Recap

3. March, 2012

  • 10.00am: Start Hacking
  • 11.30am: Campus Tour
  • 5.30pm: Rackspace Tech Talk and Q&A
  • 6.00pm: Demos

Food, drinks and skeeball provided.

See you there!

Some ideas

  • Dreadnot snaps a photo when a user clicks deploy
  • Async service that tracks developer metrics (eg, Github developer stats or Twisted Highscores)
  • IRC/chat bot to read and post tweets (or interact with some API)
  • Hooking via Hook.io
  • Webhook handler
  • Something with or like Gerrit
  • Patch an open source library with a small feature or bug fix
  • Write or use a javsacript OpenStack API
  • Keystone signed tokens, or implement a new protocol for Keystone
  • REST interfaces for language-specific libraries a la libcloud.rest
  • REST interface for cron jobs a la cron.io
  • Web interface for remote terminal a la tty.js
  • Build something with Lua and libuv LUVIT

More tools


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